Election 2015: Narrative over rhetoric – The power of story-telling

The U.K. General Election 2015 is a good example of the power of story over statements, of narrative over rhetoric.

Overall, the Conservatives told a more convincing story that started in the past, looked at the present and projected to the future.

In contrast, Labour left gaps in the story of the past, failing to provide an adequate and convincing explanation of the past economic failing under their tenure (other than acknowledging some responsibility over banking regulation) and therefore could not paint a credible picture for the future.

In addition, Labour not only moved Left (which in itself is fine) – it over-used old language and rhetoric, such as “working people”, which is potentially alienating and exclusive and no longer resonates or connects with the masses. Such language introduces a “them and us” vibe that is unappealing, and most people (I would suggest) did not to want to buy into it (perhaps partly because a lot of people may not know whether they were included in the term “working people” and therefore in the “them” or the “us”). 

Ed Milliband would have been better to have pursued the “one nation” theme he sound-bited at the Labour Party Conference, but failed to build upon subsequently (- but which David Cameron has now reclaimed in his first comments as re-elected Prime Minister).

Just some quick reflections on the election.

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